Peter Alfano

Poptech 2012

AD, Concept, Design, TD, Animation, Lighting / Texturing, Compositing, Rigging

Trollback + Company

PopTech 2012  |  Branding & Titles

Concept, Design, Creative Direction, Technical Direction, Animation, Lighting / Texturing, Compositing, Rigging

Trollbäck + Company



This PopTech conference held in Reykjavik, Iceland was based on the theme of finding Resilience in a world of disruption and change — whether economic, technological, social, or environmental. The shifting Icelandic landscape was the inspiration for the conference branding, opening titles, and information graphics. The opening sequence shows a progression from darkness to light as monumental changes are taking place in a graphic landscape. As new earth is created, ice is falling into the sea, and as the light rises on the landscape, the mood progresses from ominous to hopeful.


The technical process began with topographic data from NASA of the geographic area surrounding the conference. The key formal device is a shader I rigged up in Maya that converts illumination data into growing graphic lines.