Peter Alfano

TED 2009

Role: AD, Concept, Design, TD, Animation, Lighting/Texturing, Compositing, Rigging

Agency: Trollback + Company

TED 2009 | Branding & Titles

Art Direction, Design, Technical Direction, Animation, Lighting / Texturing, Compositing, Rigging

Trollbäck + Company



In 2009, T+Co create the opening titles for the TED Conference’s 25th anniversary, which was themed "The Great Unveiling". Trollback had produced several title sequences over the preceding years and the pieces had a consistent visual language, using lines of animated typography. I came upon the idea of unveiling through revealing. We used ribbons of type to suggest ideas and trace the path of letterforms, like the way smoke moves around a car in a windtunnel. There were 12 thematic topics in the conference: reboot, discover, grow, reframe, etc.. As you’ll see in the titles, these concepts become the motivation for the animations and their movement expressed their meaning. Ultimately we end up unveiling the word "unveiling” itself through a change of perspective.